30 Days To A Bigger Email List (Ebook) Preview Copy Link

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30 Days To A Bigger Email List (Ebook) Preview Copy Link

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What you will learn in the next 30day

Day #1: Creating Your Lead Magnet

Day #2: Setup Your Autoresponder Account

Day #3: Follow Up Emails

Day #4: Setup Squeeze Page (Landing Page)

Day #5: Write A Killer Blog Post or Article

Day #6: Promote Article On Social Media Channels

Day #7: Create A Video From Your Article

Day #8: Promote Video To Social Media Channels

Day #9: Setup A Paid Facebook Ad To Grow Your List

Day #10: Setup A Solo Ad

Day #11: Get Traffic From Online Forums & Communities

Day #12: Write and Submit A Press Release Online

Day #13: Guest Blogging

Day #14: Start A Contest

Day #15: Check Your Stats

Day #16: SEO For Your Website

Day #17: Blog Commenting

Day #18: Create 20 to 30 New Blog Post or Article Ideas

Day #19: Facebook Live

Day #20: Write A New Blog Post

Day #21: Launch A New Solo Ad or Facebook Ad

Day #22: Create A New Video

Day #23: Publish A New Blog Post or Article

Day #24: Run A Facebook Live

Day #25: Choose Your Preferred Traffic Method

Day #26: Create An Infographic

Day #27: Email Ad Swap

Day #28: Write & Publish A New Blog Post or Article

Day #29: See What Methods Worked Best For You

Day #30: Start Making Profit

The number one thing that nearly every successful online entrepreneur has going for them is that they have an email list. This is a list of subscribers that opted in to receive more information from you, to gain access to free training, or people that bought something from you.

At one point or another, we have all made our way to an email list. From the largest online retailers to the solopreneurs running a business from their living room, email marketing is still the number one way to engage and follow up with your audience.

Social media has definitely changed the game a little bit, but email marketing is here to stay. What has changed is how people access their emails. So, dont let anyone try to fool you into thinking that email marketing is dead.

In fact, some companies, even major ones, credit over 75% of their sales directly to email marketing!

If you have an email list and you create a product, have a coaching program, service, physical product, or webinar you want to tell people about; then you just send an email to your list for instant results! No more waiting for your paid ads to get approved or relying on affiliates to mail for you.

Paid advertising and affiliates are a tremendous way to get traffic, but having your own email list is even better! That is why over the next 30 days this guide will teach you the same steps used by the experts to build an email list that pays you repeatedly!

With 30 days to a bigger list you are well on your way to winning big online, and building that asset you need to help keep your income consistent. There has been one constant in the marketing world, and that is email! You must have an email list if you want to make it!

Instead of breaking this into chapters like a normal book, you will just make each day of the process its own section so you can easily follow along!

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